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Testimonials and Endorsements

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"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ezsellgold is awesome! They paid me about four times as much as my local pawnbroker offered."
- Curtis Delgado, FL

"I cleaned out my mother’s jewelry box and sent in all the unwanted scrap gold and got back $2537. I'm rich!"
- Natalie Martinez, PA

"I had no idea how much my stuff was worth, I was really surprised when I got the check.."
- Raul Garcia, AZ

"Great service. Fast. Reliable. The guy I spoke to on the phone – Joseph was really helpful and funny!"
- Alfred Taylor, ID

"I do this every year when my wife gets rid of her old stuff and buys new stuff. These guys are the best. They pay the most."
- Kacy Anderson, KY

"You did exactly what you said you would. I got my check fast. I would use your company again."
- Paul Robinson, MA

"You made it pretty easy to sell my stuff. Thanks a lot."
- Alma Davis, GA

"It was a pleasure dealing with all of you. I was a little nervous about mailing my gold to your company (first time), but glad that I did. Thanks for being so honest."
- Kelly Watson, NY

"I was happy with the offer you made me on my gold scrap. I could tell by talking to your customer rep on the phone that your company was the one I wanted to deal with. No one else would even call me back. Thanks again."
- Alberto Sanchez, CA

"I was pleased with my experience. I would ship/sell gold to you again in the future."
- Bruno Goldstein, NJ

"Sorry I called so many times. This was my first time selling anything over the internet. Thanks for being so patient and understanding. Highly recommended!! A+"
- Daisy Moore, NV

" I called several other places (pawn guys), but didn't like the way I was treated. I felt pretty confident after talking with Allen on the phone. He made me an offer within an hour of it reaching their processing center. I was happy with the offer and asked him to forward it to my Paypal account. After I got off the phone with him, I checked my Paypal account and it already had $1856. Thank you for the excellent service. "
- Michelle Thompson, NC

"I lost my job and needed to make a payment on the house or we were going to end up in foreclosure. My friend told me to try your company. I must admit I was skeptical at first. I took a chance and I’m happy to say that you helped me back on my feet. Very smooth transaction!!"
- David Collins, OK

"Your company paid me more than any quote I received and I have been collecting quotes for 5 months. Highly recommended!!! Selling my gold to you went through without a problem. I was really satisfied with everything. I would sell to you again."
- Craig Schmitt, TX

"Your website made it so easy to sell that I opted to mail my package to you even though I live just across town. I figured, why drive if you don't have to. I am very happy with the fast, great service you provided me."
- Carter Gifford, NY

"I approved there offer over the phone and I got a bank wire of $8500 in 3 hours of them receiving my package. Great turnaround time!!! Thank you very much for such professional and attentive service. I will recommend you highly to my friends. Thanks again..."
- Caesar Hernandez, DE

"I got my check yesterday. Thanks for all your help and being so patient with all my questions!"
- Ivan Alexander, AK

"I received your check yesterday. I wish to thank you for your prompt attention and excellent services. I will recommend your company and use your services again. Best regards..."
- Vivian Parker, IL

"I just wanted you to know I received the $1523 (which is great, because it's my birthday!) this was the best present! I look forward to doing business with you again..."
- Nick Dabrowski, LA

"It was a pleasure to deal with your company; I will be bringing friends."
- Melissa Diaz, IA

"The payout was unbelievable!!!"
- Cindy Fochs, NE

"Thanks for letting me know the price so quick, I was not expecting to receive so much so fast."
- Daniel Chen, WV

"Thank you very much for your fast payment..."
- Arthur Weber, ME